Local Eagles Ice Arena

A lot of painting going on at another Extreme team makeover for Local Eagles ice arena!

Some life changing décor going up today. This is the real deal. The clear coat is done by Everhart Painting, rusting done by the main man Galen Hagen (there are no words for how stupendous he really is), and metal donated by Miramac Metals Inc. thank you doesn't cover it but for realsies, thank you! The stuff that dreams are made of.


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House Exterior

Staining Interior and exterior wood on your home or office building is a great way to bring out the natural wood color. Not only does it bring out the rich texture and natural beauty, but it also protects and preserves the wood for years in both interior and exterior applications.

Some of Everhart professional stain surfaces are:

  • Wood decking
  • Wood garage doors
  • Wood fencing
  • Wood log siding and trim
  • Wood interior doors and trim
  • Wood structural siding and trim
  • Fiberglass doors and trim